Friday, 3 February 2012

New tracks!

Now its time to post some new songs here. I have couple track already this year,

Northern Lights was made during January 2012. Actually it is not ready, but due to some productivity issues, I wanted to release it and hear some thought from the listeners.

Here is a link for the track!

The latest track is called Trance of a State. Track has some new tunes in the beginning, which does not necessarily sound the same as the old trance tracks. But I am quite happy with the result. Trance of a state should not be confused with the radio program hosted by Armin Van Buuren, which is called A State of Trance, the difference is in the meaning of the sentence. My track conveys a message, which states that the trance track is for the state or country.

Here is a link for the track

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