About McSoila

My name is McSoila, John McSoila. I am originally From Finland, but now I am world citizen.

I have been involved with music for many years. I used to take piano and violin lessons when I was younger. Violin lessons I quit after couple years. And after that I took piano lessons, which I also quit after couple years, because I felt that it was not creative enough. Just playing other peoples songs. Since then I just played for myself.
Year 2002 I got into computer world, after purchasing my first computer. I tried some composing on computer, and I managed to compose couple songs. After 2002 I composed occasionally.
2010 I started again composing with more knowledge and more ideas in my head.
I got really enthusiastic about composing, nowadays I play piano many times a week and try to find new tunes. I love to try all the new things and melodies.

My equipment includes Acer 6320 laptop, Macbook and Yamaha YPG225 76-Key Portable Grand Keyboard (or something really similar, cant remember it right now). Though, most of the time I play old fashioned piano which name I cant remember, it is probably Yamaha. 
What it comes to software, I have tried quite many of them. Longest I used FL Studio trial, I tried Reason trial too, which seemed much more complicated. I tried also Garage band, which seemed alright. 
Next big purchase will probably be the software, damn those are expensive :/ Where to get a sponsor?

My music has been influenced by many people/artists.
Here are a few artist who had great effect: Armin van Buuren, Nitrous Oxide, Yann Tiersen, Agnelli & Nelson, Fat Boy Slim, Moby, Above & Beyond, Paul van Dyk, Dan Stone, Daniel Kandi, Super8 & DJ Tab, Oceanlab, Anjunabeats, Tiesto, Skeewiff, the Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Apollo 440, Kyau vs. Albert, Ray Charles. Junkie XL, Bobina, DJ Suzy Solar, Boom Jinx, Kay Gee & Hidden,

All of these artists are great, all of them have at least one song which I really like. Some of them have had more influence on my music and some less. People could say that I try to imitate certain artists, but probably never there will be really similar song compared to the existing ones.